The Innovation Capital of Africa

Nairobi is the economic powerhouse of East Africa, with a rich history that dates to the colonial era. The city is home to a vibrant innovation ecosystem fuelled by a young and dynamic population, an enabling business environment, and a thriving start-up scene.

Nairobi's status as a leading African innovation hub is reflected in the high number of start-ups, incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces based in the city. The innovation ecosystem in Nairobi is characterised by collaboration, entrepreneurship, and a culture of experimentation that has produced some of the most innovative solutions in the world.

Aside from its reputation as an innovation hub, Nairobi is also a city of great culture and tradition. The city is home to a diverse range of ethnic communities, each with its unique customs and practices. Nairobi's vibrant cultural scene is reflected in its numerous art galleries, museums, and festivals celebrating its rich heritage.

Nairobi is also a world-class tourist destination, offering visitors a wide range of attractions, from game parks and wildlife reserves to luxury hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. The city's strategic location at the heart of East Africa makes it an ideal gateway to the rest of the region, with excellent transport links to neighbouring countries.